The largest Cactus Theme Park in all of Europe!

Welcome to Cactualdea Park!

The Cactualdea park was founded in 1995 by the Beisel family, passionate about these plants, with a long tradition in the sector and owners of KAKTEELANSTEINFELD.


This project started with great enthusiasm, in Gran Canaria because we have the best climate in the world and in San Nicolás because it has a solid agricultural infrastructure that cannot be found anywhere in the world and close to Europe. It was located in an area away from noise and crowded areas.


We wanted to show nature in its purest form. Also with the firm conviction that this place was an economic booster that would attract visitors to the wonderful municipality of Aldea de San Nicolás , so forgotten by many because of the distance.

Once inside they will be able to see La Mina, a tribute to the ancient Guanches Caves, our Amphitheater with an area for Canarian fighting and stick games, etc., to finally visit the gardens, with more than 1,000 species. We recommend that you enjoy the walk with tranquility and time, to finally make a stop in the “Bar Caribe” area, run for years by a couple in the area, temporarily closed at the moment.


Now we can only wish you to spend a wonderful day in our natural park. The «Cactualdea Park» Team

the largest in Europe

1,000 different species

visit our restaurant



bar Cafeteria

Open from 25.09.2021

souvenir shop

Open from 10:00 a.m to 05:00p.m

electric vehicle charging point

We have at your disposal an electric vehicle charging point. The only one available in the area.

Audiovisual HALL

Our park has a self-service cinema in which a beautiful cactus movie is projected, from the cold zone of Canada through America, Mexico and South America to the cold zone of Patagonia, with an approximate duration of 30 minutes. We wish you even more freedom when you visit the park and watch this beautiful film, which can be played in 3 languages: Spanish, German and English

Event hall

We have several venues for celebrations of different types of events.
For more information contact by email.


Rural house for rent in the natural park

The Villa de Cactualdea is located in the vicinity of the Cactualdea park, surrounded by numerous protected areas, within the Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve and the “Starlight” Tourist Destination, due to the quality with which its skies enjoy stargazing.


The Villa de Cactualdea has three bedrooms for a maximum occupancy of 6 people, three bathrooms, a large fully equipped kitchen with washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, oven, stove, microwave, refrigerator, etc., living room with television, with private pool of 9m. with sun loungers, a large terrace surrounded by lush gardens with different types of plants, Cactus, Palm trees, etc., and located in the Tocodomán neighborhood, in the municipality of La Aldea de San Nicolás. There, you can relax, enjoy the sun and the spectacular views of the “Inagua” mountain.


Until now, our Villa had only been used as a private home by the previous owners of the Cactualdea Park, the Beisel family, a German family with a passion for Cacti who founded the park and built this Villa in 1995.


The nearest airport is Gran Canaria Airport, 85 km from Villa de Cactualdea.


Important information: Prior to your arrival, it is necessary that you contact us to indicate the documentation that they must present regarding Covid – 19.





Prices and schedules

We open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., every day




Discount for residents.

children from 7 to 12 years



Children from 0 to 7 years free.




Groups of 5 people.

What our clients say

30. Septiembre, 2020.
Für alle Kakteen Liebhaber Wir sind per Zufall in diesem Kaktuspark gelandet und waren auch die einzigen Gäste (Juli 2020). Viele unterschiedliche Kakteen in der wunderbaren ariden Landschaft. Die paar Euro Eintritt haben sich gelohnt.
Silvana B
Silvana B
20. Septiembre, 2020.
Maravillosa estancia en Villa Cactualdea Park y visita al parque Estuvimos una semana en Villa Cactualdea y fue maravillosa. La vivienda, las instalaciones, la piscina.. Y visita obligada a Cactualdea, donde le podias dar de comer a las gallinas, pollitos, pavos reales, burritos, todo en libertad. Maravillosa opción hacer turismo en nuestra isla con ojos de turista. Muchas gracias a las chicas de Cactualdea muy serviciales y muy atentas con nosotros.
16. Septiembre, 2020.
For me that's probably number 1 in Gran Canaria! Wonderful, beautiful, very big park with many different kinds of cacti and some nice animals as well (birds, turtles, donkeys; you can buy food for them along with your ticket). The park is very large and the plants are incredible - colorful, big and small, so many species that we spent 3 hours walking all around it. For me that's probably number 1 in Gran Canaria!
7. Septiembre, 2020.
Insiders tip/ recomendación especiál/ Geheimtipp Following a giant (attention seeking) cactus on the road we expected the Cactualdea to be one of those semi-professional a bit worn down tourist attractions. We were pleasently surprised! The cactus garden is beautiful by itself and there is a lot to discover on the small paths through the garden. But the cactus garden is not the only attraction! There is a replica of a cave, where you can take a peek into the live of the ancient Canarians. Not a lot but enough to make us curious and read a bit more about it. There is also a 'Bodega' where you can browse through a collection of hunderts of bottels of Canarian whine. There is an amphitheatre which is beautifully renovated and would serve marvelously for hosting real events! (Dear manager, please do consider this option!) As in a lot of places on the Canarys there are animals runnig free through the park and there is also a Café which unfortunatly was closed during our visit. All of this is created with a lot of love for detail, music in the background and was very well cared for when we visited. I would have loved a few more information about cactuses for those of us who are no experts. All in all a great and relatively quiet attraction, well worth the money. Please do support them, the park looks like they have made quiet an investment in renovating a lot of things and I imagine they'll struggle to survive with Corona and the lack of visitors. _______________________________________________________________________________ Siguiendo un cactus gigante (seguramente hecho para llamar la attención) en la carretera expectabamos uno de esos attraciones turisticas semi-profesionales y un poco decadentes. Fuimos agradablemente sorprendidas! El jardín the cactuses si mismo es hermoso. Hay mucho que descubrir al lado de los senderos a través del jardín! Pero el jardín de catuses no es la única attración! Hay la réplica de una cueva, que te da una idea de la vida de los canarios ancianos, no hay demasiada informción pero suficiente para despertar nuestra curiosidad y hacernos leer más acreca de ese tema. Hay una bodega en la cual puedes descrubrir más cientos botellas de vinos canarios! Además hay un amphiteatro que es muy bien renovado y servería maravillosasmente para organizar eventos reales como obras de teatro o conciertos. (Estimados directores, por favor consideren esa opción!) Como en muchos lados en las isla Canrias hay animales sueltos corriendo por el parque y también hay un bar que desgracialmente estaba cerrado durante nuestra visita. Toda la attración es construido con mucho amor para detalles, hay música en el fondo y el terreno estaba muy bien cuidado cuando nostros visitamos. A mi me hubiera gustado más informacion sobre los cactuses para gente (como yo) que no sabe mucho de esas plantas. En total la Cactualdea es una attración estupenda, relativamente tranquila que vale su dinero. Por favor apoyen a este parque, parece como si hubieran echo una investición relativamente extensa para renovaciónes y me imagino que tendrán que luchar con lo del Covid-19 y la falta de visitantes. ____________________________________________________________________________ Einem riesenhaften (und etwas aufmerksamkeitsheischenden) Kaktus an der Straße folgend, erwarteten wir eine dieser semi-professionellen udn ein wenig heruntergekommenen Touristenattratktionen. Wir wurden angenhem überrascht! Der Kaktusgarten selbst ist schon beeindruckend udn es gibt auf den kleinen Pfaden durch die Beete viel zu entdecken. Doch der Garten ist nicht die einzige Attraktion! Es gibt die Nachbildung einer Höhle, die einen einen Blick auf das Leben der Altkanarier werfen lässt. Es werden nicht viele Informationen gegeben, aber genug um unsere Neugierde zu wecken und uns dazu zu bringen, mehr über das Thema zu lesen. Es gibt auch eine Nachbildung einer 'bodega' wo man durch hunderte von Flaschen kanarischen Weins stöbern kann. Es gibt außerdem ein schön renoviertes Amphitheater, das sich auch wundervoll dazu eignen würde echte Events wie Theaterstücke und Konzerte auszutragen. Wie oft auf den Kanaren gibt es freilaufende Tiere und eine Bar, die während unseres Besuchs leider geschlossen war. Ich (nicht gerade Experte in der Pflanzengattung der Kakteen) hätte mir noch etwas mehr Infos darüber gewünscht. Alles in allem war es bestechend in jeder Hinsicht! 😉 Und das Eintrittsgeld definitiv wert! Bitte unterstützt den Park, es sieht aus, als hätten sie vor nicht allzu langer Zeit relativ viel in Rennovierungsarbeiten investiert und ich kann mir vorstellen, dass sie mit Corona und dem daraus folgenden Rückgang an Besuchern echt ums Überleben werden kämpfen müssen.
Elisabet H
Elisabet H
9. Agosto, 2020.
Gran jardín de cactus rodeado de montañas. El parque es enorme, con una gran variedad de cactus, en plena naturaleza, rodeado de montañas. Merece la pena visitarlo porque es el mayor jardín de cactus de Europa. Hay patos, gallinas, gallos, pavos reales, en libertad, por todo el parque. También dos burros a los que le dieron de comer los niños. Una experiencia que repitieron varios días más ya que nos alojamos en La Villa de Cactualdea que estaba cerca.
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